Recently, many fake sites have been created under our Perfetta face mask brand to provide incorrect product and price information. 

In order to protect our Customers and Partners, PHU BAO GROUP (PBG) further advises clients to get verified updates and announcements via our following official channels:

1.    Website Phu Bao Group: www.phubaogroup.com.vn
2.    Website Phu Bao Medical: www.phubaomedical.com.vn
3.    Website Phu Bao Distribution: www.phubaodistribution.com.vn

1.   Khẩu Trang Perfetta: https://www.facebook.com/phubaogroup2018/  
2.   Phú Bảo Group: https://www.facebook.com/PHU-BAO-GROUP-100115541709167/
Should you have any inquiries or concerns, please contact:
•    Email: info@phubaodistribution.com.vn 
•    Customer Service: (+84) 28 3914 2980


PBG would like to send you our sincere thanks for your kind support and trust in our products! 


HR & Communication Director 
Mr. Ngô Đức Trung (Jacob Ngo)

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Welcome to PHU BAO GROUP

PHU BAO’ in Vietnamese means Sustainability and Prosperities. With this brand, we have created our own position in the market and become well recognized by domestic as well as international partners and customers since our establishment in 2006.

PHU BAO GROUP (PBG) is a 100% Vietnamese-owned Company. Over the decade, we have put our relentless efforts in contributing to the health and personal care industry. It is our principal goal to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction and support their success with our high-quality products and outstanding services.